17 - 18 November 2020

Navigating Change is a movement that is serious about the future of the Methodist Church in the UK. The figures speak for themselves, as year on year we have continued to decline in numbers to the point where it has become a critical issue.

This movement will be the starting point for you and your leadership to regain a sense of urgency and energy, to catch a fresh vision and to begin the process toward growing and planting new churches. ​

Conference Hosts



He has spoken to thousands of church leaders in his Seminars and has to date seen 1 million Christians mobilised to invite, resulting in hundreds of thousands of accepted invitations.

He is author of the book Unlocking the Growth and, as an itinerant speaker, has a ministry across 17 countries and 5 continents. He is married to Eike and they have three children Ben, Kirsty, and Lydia.


Geoff Bond &
Ashley Cooper


Founder of Navigating Change, UK, Geoff has been involved in Learning and Development in the church for many years. He has a Masters in Theology and post graduate Diploma in Management Studies, as well as being a qualified and registered Social Worker.

Ashley is currently Principal at Cliff College, following his role as Senior Minister at Swan Bank Methodist Church and Superintendent of the Burslem Mission Circuit.

Piet Van


Piet  has 40 years of experience in pastoral ministry.  He is also the President of SideWalk, a business consulting company, committed to walking alongside leaders to help them maximize their organizational and personal effectiveness. 

Piet has his MBA and Theological degrees from Regent University.  Presently he serves as the Executive Pastor of Group Life and Leadership Development at Shoreline Church in Austin.  He and his wife (Carol) have been married for 36 years and they have three grown children.



In essence, wellbeing is about being happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful, which means taking care of both body, spirit and mind. It is not simply the absence of illness and avoiding health issues. Not being ill is not enough. Instead of turning the dial from negative only to neutral, wellbeing is about maxing it towards the positive – both physically and mentally. It’s about being physically healthy, creating positive emotions and high engagement​.
Dr Peggie Rothe
Chief Insights & Research Officer, Leesman