Navigating Change in Lent

Navigating Change in Lent

We are at the beginning of Lent. Some of us use this time to deny ourselves something, others decide to take on some new practice or activity.  Making small changes in our lives can help us to loosen up areas that have become stagnant, give us renewed confidence and... read more

Dear Methodism,

Dear Methodism, I am writing to you to express my great concern but also to tell you about an exciting opportunity in 2016 which you will want to share with others. The concern is for the future of The Methodist Church in the UK. The figure speak for themselves, as... read more

Growing through Disaster

Nobody saw it coming until it happened. Having met together as a community of faith for glorious Christmas Eve services at Nameoki United Methodist Church in Granite City Illinois, and a surprise wedding – my own – we woke up to grey skies on Christmas Day.... read more

A Movement Begins

My highlight of 2015 was spending two days hosting the first Navigating Change conference at SwanBank. It was a busy few days and extremely hard work but an immense privilege as over 150 church leaders from across the UK gathered to look forward with hope, to explore... read more

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